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Business Communication Systems

Traditional Phone Systems

Panasonic has been a market leader in the business telephone industry for over 25 years. The latest product line-up offers high quality office communications solutions for a broad range of business applications, from simple analogue systems through to advanced IP based Network Communications Platforms.

Cloud Based (Hosted) Phone Systems

There are many benefits to using Hosted VoIP rather than a traditional phone system, The main benefits are cost and flexibility. A Hosted VoIP system costs much less to set-up than an on site telephone system. In many cases, there are no set-up fees for a hosted VoIP system. Hosted VoIP phone systems fall under operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure, which also make hosted VoIP systems attractive to businesses.

IT Support

Partnering with Microsoft, Avast, Sophos, DrayTek and Dell, Brontel offer a full range of IT support services, from the supply of servers and PC’s to full maintenance support packages. We can also supply ad-hoc support for hardware, operating systems and software.
Services Include:

Remote Support

Brontel’s remote IT Support is a safe and fast way of solving computer problems. Sometimes a phone call to a Brontel IT expert is all it takes to fix a problem. We use highly secure and industry approved software to fix your computer remotely from our Keighley based office.

On-site Computer Support

On-site visits providing support for computers and servers are essential for many of Brontels customers, our friendly staff are more than happy to visit sites around West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Support Packages

Brontel offer a variety of support packages to suit your business. Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

Cabling Services

Brontel provide a wide range of cabling service and are accredited to the leading manufacturers.

Their data cabling services range from CAT5e alongside more superior quality cabling such as CAT6 and CAT6a, which are all fully certified and backed by a 25 year manufacturers warranty. We use fully calibrated testing equipment to issue certificates to the cables.

They also provide all types of fibre optic installation and repair services for both multimode and single mode fibre types.

Other cabling installation types include traditional telephony cabling, coax, alarm & electrical.

Data Connectivity

Business Broadband

Traditional broadband technology enables you and your business to connect to the internet. Using existing copper lines, ADSL broadband can provide high-quality internet connectivity to both home workers and small to large business premises.

ADSL broadband is available at almost all premises across the UK and Brontel can offer the highest possible speed for any location. Brontel can provide you with a business broadband service at a competitive rate with our dedicated support team just a phone call away.


Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) uses fibre optic cables to dramatically increase the speed of your broadband connection up to 80 MB/per second.

Leased Lines

Leased lines provide your business with a dedicated connection to the internet, which can set your business above the rest. A leased line provides internet connectivity directly and exclusively to your business premises from the cabinet – establishing security and guaranteeing your constant and consistent access to the internet. A leased line can enhance your business by increasing its efficiency through super-fast speed and opening up your options for cloud-based solutions with IT and telephone systems. A leased line through Brontel has high reliability and is fully managed with the fastest possible SLAs rather than the lengthy waits associated with standard broadband.


An affordable alternative. Unlike traditional leased lines which use fibre cables, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs to deliver a lower cost internet option. Not only can it save you the costs of high excess construction charges, you also enjoy all the benefits of a leased line whilst saving up to 65% in comparison to a leased line.


We provide a full range of add-on units such as:

  • Call recording
  • Call Logging / Wall Boards / ACD Stats
  • Conferencing
  • Music on Hold